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What Our Clients say…

My husband thought he could dismiss me with nothing after our divorce. My first lawyer said he was beyond reach of the English court as all our assets were abroad. You confidently and quickly traced his hidden assets; got me a fair share of the multi-million family properties and business I had helped him build up over many years; ensured that he attended hearings in this country – and even got an order so he paid my legal costs! I was treated with respect for the first time in years and turned my life around. You are an angel!”

FM (Wife in a complex foreign financial claim)

“When I transferred my case to you from other lawyers, I had lost all hope of seeing my son again. You turned the case round completely – transferred it to a higher court, gave me a superb barrister throughout the case, and were an incredible support so I would not give up. You got me a tough court order as well as a support worker to guide us all when my son is getting to know me again. I can’t wait to see my baby boy after 2 whole years! That feeling is priceless.”

FF (Father in highly contested children case)

“ When my wife abducted our children to the Middle East while I was living in the Far East – and issued a divorce in England claiming our house – other lawyers would not take on such a case! There were 9 countries involved and no one knew if the English divorce had a legal basis. You protected me from months of legal battles on this point. You flew out to the Middle East to negotiate a settlement via your local lawyers, oversaw the Islamic divorce and children arrangements, and filed a Consent Order in the English court for the Finances. The children came back of their own free will to live in my house in England and I am on good terms with my ex-wife. I can never thank you enough! ”

JK (Husband in an International Divorce, Financial Claim and Children dispute)

“I was so worried about how my divorce would affect my business and finances. Your expert and calm advice right at the start helped me to negotiate a fair divorce settlement with my wife, avoiding a court battle. I would recommend you highly to all my family and friends.”

RR (Divorce and Finance Settlement)

“No one could have understood my case like you. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Thank you sincerely for everything you’ve done. Everyone you put me in touch with has been amazing. I really don’t think I would be standing without you and them.“

MA (“Father who successfully achieved contact with his children after 2 years in a challenging Parental Alienation case”)

“It is amazing that you were able to advise on my complex Surrogacy case while I was working abroad – we have never met, yet I felt at ease from the beginning. *** was born safe and well and armed with your Expert Opinion, there were no immigration issues“

CC (“Mother in a foreign Surrogacy”)

Aina Khan OBE Solicitor is a world-renowned family Law specialist. She provides decisive and speedy legal settlements across the UK and globally. Aina is a leading expert in international families, with an unparalleled knowledge of Islamic and Asian issues. She is regularly instructed to prepare Expert Reports for Judges.

25+ years’ expertise.
5,000+ cases.
35+ countries covered.

Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. International Legal Consultant.

Aina appears on media, advises government and academics, writes and lectures.

She is a specialist in Family Law and a leading expert in Islamic and Asian issues.